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Design, Learning, and Collaboration -- Spring 2007

Gerhard Fischer (

Hal Eden (

Time: Monday and Wednesday 4:00-5:15 pm

Location: Integrated Teaching and Learning Laboratory (ITLL 1B50)

4/30 from Hal

Some notes from Jim on next session (Weds)

This lesson will explore two concepts:

sketch: a rapidly executed freehand drawing that is not intended as a finished work, often consisting of a multitude of overlapping lines. Sketches usually serve quickly to record ideas for later use (source:

activity theory: complex, socially situated phenomena. Activity theory is aimed at understanding the mental capabilities of a single human being, however, it rejects the isolated human being as an adequate unit of analysis, focusing instead on cultural and technical mediation of human activity (excerpts from:

This class will be a "hands-on" exploration in sketching human activities … please visit the assignment page, bring sharp minds and dull pencils!

4/25 from Gerhard

  • final questionnaire posted for download: ques-final.doc - deadline: May 8, 10:00am
  • Hal posted a "activity preparation" page (on assignment page) for 4/30 –> check it out
  • the class meetings (4/30 and 5/2) next week will take place in the L3D lab (check schedule)
  • reminder: Presentation of Projects during Exam time: Wed., May 9, 7:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m –> deadline for posting final reports and presentation slides: May 8, 10:00am
  • today (4/25): 3 independent research presentations a 20 minutes and FCQs for Undergraduates

4/18 from Gerhard

  • slides for 4/18 have been posted!
  • date for final reports for independent research has been changed from 4/18 to Mo, 4/23, 10:00am –> please do NOT be late!
  • date for second progress reports for project has been changed from 4/23 to Mo, 4/30, 10:00am –> please do NOT be late!

4/16 from Gerhard

  • Assignment 16 for Wed, 4/18 has been posted
  • slides for Lecture 4/16 have been posted
  • do not forget: pizza after class today

4/11 from Gerhard

  • Assignment 15 for Mo, 4/16 has been posted
  • Pizza: on Monday after class you are all invited to a "social hour" with Pizza in the L3D lab

4/9 from Gerhard

  • it seems that several of you have not differentiated between "Independent Research" and "Project" in your work
  • today we will discuss "Projects" in Class
  • please post your reports about "Projects" in the Swiki

4/2 from Gerhard - plan for today

  • progress report about independent research –> purpose: let the other people in the course know what you have been doing (a stepping stone for the final presentation on April 23 and 25)
  • we have 5 teams (design, learning, collaboration (2), integration)
  • total time: 75 minutes –> 12 minutes per team including some questions / discussion (this will give us some time for change overs)
  • please note: a 2nd progress report was due on 3/21 – please post it asap!
  • Assignment 14 for Wed 4/4 has been posted

3/19 from Gerhard

  • slides for Lecture 3/19 have been posted
  • reading for class on 3/21: Scribbles CSCW06-chris.pdf
  • reminder: Monday, 4/2: Progress Reports on Independent Research (presentations by student teams)

3/11 from Gerhard

3/10 from Gerhard –> Feedback on your Independent Research

  • I have provided feedback on the teams' pages - check it out
  • most teams can develop a better Swiki representation for their project
  • all projects are related to each other: I encourage all of you to check out the other teams' pages (and also learn from their respective page organization)

3/9 from Gerhard

  • revised/updated schedule has been posted – including time for final presentation meeting (during exam time)
  • Assignment 12 for Wed 3/14 has been posted
  • slides for Lecture 3/14 have been posted

3/7 from Gerhard

  • slides for Lecture 3/7 have been posted

3/5 from Gerhard

  • Assignment 11 for Wed 3/7 has been posted
  • slides for Lecture 3/5 have been posted
  • please check the deadlines associated with "Independent Research" and "Projects" and makes sure that your team's reports are posted by the deadline

3/4 from Gerhard — corrections

summarizers for Assignment 10 are: Jason Held and Jarret Lavallee (and not: Peng Shao Andy Hoffner)

2/27 from Gerhard

  • sorry that I missed class yesterday - I got stuck in Washington, DC on Sunday (all flights cancelled based on bad weather)
  • reminder: the class will meet in the L3D Lab tomorrow for a guest lecture by Andy Gorman and Jim Sullivan
  • homework for Wed, 2/28: please watch the multi-media representation at: — activate link “Load Flash Movie”
  • papers for the class meetings on March 5 and March 14 will be distributed tomorrow in class
  • Assignment 10 (due: Mo, 3/5) has been posted
  • Project Ideas have been posted

2/25 from Hal

  • Assignment 9 has been posted for a while (as I mentioned in class last Wednesday)
  • reminder: the one-pagers for final projects are due this weds (2/28)

2/19 from Hal

  • Assignment 8 for Weds 2/21 has been posted
  • notes for today's session are posted here (remember we will meet in DLC 170)

2/14: from Hal/Gerhard

  • Assignment 7 for Mon 2/19 has been posted
  • slides for Lecture 2/14 have been posted

2/12: from Gerhard:

  1. slides for Lecture 2/12 have been posted
  2. Assignment 6 for Wed 2/14 has been posted

2/7: from Gerhard:

  1. Assignment 5 for Mo, 2/12 has been posted

2/5: from Gerhard:

  1. Slides for Lecture 2/5 have been posted
  2. Homework for Wed, 2/7
    1. study and analyze the pages for "Independent Research" and "Projects" in the Swiki
    2. think about what YOU want to do and try to identify classmates who might collaborate with you

1/31: from Gerhard:

  • Slides for Lecture 1/31 have been posted
  • Assignment 4 (due: Mo, 2/5) has been posted

1/29: from Gerhard:

  • Slides for Lecture 1/29 have been posted
  • Assignment 3 (due: Wed, 1/31) has been posted
  • Schedule/Syllabus for the Class has been posted

1/25: from Gerhard:

Swiki entry "Discussion Forum" - This page can and will be used for contributions and discussions by all members of the class
check out the poster of construction kits contributed by Yingdan Huang

1/24: from Gerhard

  • Slides for Lectures 1/22 have been posted
  • a summary file of all student answers to assignment 1has been posted on the "assignment 1 page"
  • Assignment 2 (due: Mo, 1/29) has been posted

1/22: from Gerhard

  • Slides for Lectures 1/22 have been posted
  • Assignment 1 (due 1/24) has been posted
  • email list has been established:

1/17: from Gerhard

Welcome to all of you to the class! I hope it will be a great learning experience!

Things to Do:
  • register for the Swiki
  • take a look at the slides (see Lecture Material page)
  • fill out the questionnaire (see Questionnaire page) and post it in the Swiki by Monday, 1/22, at 10:00am

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