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Design, Learning, and Collaboration


Gerhard Fischer (

Hal Eden (

Time: Monday and Wednesday 5:00-6:15 pm

Location: Integrated Teaching and Learning Laboratory (ITLL 1B50)

January 10, 2005 Note: in the process of migrating the course swikis to the latest version (1.3) the change in handling of uploads broke some links for old sites (such as this one). I fixed some links, but not all. If there is a resource you need please email

20-April-2004 – from Gerhard: the two final assignments Assignment 17 (due: 5/26) and Assignment 18 (due: 5/28) have been posted

8-April-2004 – from:Gerhard

check guidelines for "book project"

check grading policy

download final questionnaire and self-assessment – due: Friday, April 30, 5:00pm via email

from:Gerhard – slides for Lecture on 4/7 have been posted; please take a look; no specific assignment; use your time to prepare your "book project" presentations for the following weeks

31 March-2004
from:Gerhard – slides for Lecture on 4/5, and Assignment 16 have been posted (do not forget: Mo, April 5: Pizza after class in L3D Lab)

30 March-2004
from:Gerhard – revised schedule, slides for Lecture on 3/31, Assignment 15 and revised requirements for book project have been posted

12 March-2004
from:Gerhard – Slides for Lecture on 3/15 and 3/17 and Assignment 13 have been posted

3 March-2004
from:Gerhard – Slides for Lecture on 3/8 have been posted and
Assignment 11 has been posted; due Monday 3/8/04;

3 March-2004 from:Gerhard – Slides for Today's Lectures have been posted

2 March-2004
from:Gerhard – Assignment 10 has been posted; due Wed 3/3/04; 10:00am for analyzers; 2:00pm for summarizers; new revised updated schedule posted

rom:Gerhard — Assignment 9 has been posted; due Mo 3/1/04; 10:00am for analyzers; 2:00pm for summarizers

from:Gerhard — slides for Feb 25 lecture are available

from:Gerhard — homework for Wed, Feb 25: please fill out the mid-term questionnaire; go to menu entry "Questionnaires"


Added Assignment 8

Added project guidelines and ideas to Semester Design Project page.

Posted Elisa's Slides


added Assignment 7


Added Assignment 6 to help you prepare for the role play on Monday, 16-February. Please review this before class.


Updated Independent Research page. (Post 2/11 Team Research Proposals here for now).

Created Squeak Links page


New Updated Course Schedule

Lectures Notes for Jan 28, Feb 2 and Feb 4

Assignment 4 and 5


Posted Jan 26 Lecture Notes

Posted Assignment 3


Posted Assignment 2.

Also, placed pictures in Faces Gallery.


Slides for today's lecture are here.


Separate page created for Assignment 1. This is where you should submit your responses to assignment 1 (at the bottom, using the append area to create a separate link to a new page, on which you can edit your response)


Assignment 1 posted here

An initial schedule is posted here

An problem with uploads has been reported–I'm checking into it. Film at 11:00


Second Class Session will take place in the L3D Lab: DLC 170 (over the bridge to the DLC and straight ahead–look here>31 for a map)

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